Austens BBQ | Drinks
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Fountain sodas 2.5
Coke, Sicilian lemonade, root beer, ginger beer, strawberry lemonade


Milkshakes 4
Vanilla, chocolate or banana


Coca cola 3


Diet coca cola 3


American coffee (bottomless) 2.5


Tea 2.5


Bottled water 3
Decante Sparkling or Aqua Panna


House wine

Red or white – glass 5 /// bottle 21



Austen’s hurricane 8
Rum, pineapple, orange & lime


Cali pink lemonade 8
Bourbon, lemon, grenadine


Frozen cocktails

Margarita 8


Hard shakes

Burt Reynolds 8.5
Roasted peanut, malt banana & bourbon


Jeffrey Lebowski 8.5
Vanilla, kahlua & vodka


Pouring bourbon

Heaven Hill (4yrs) 3.6
Like Johnny Drum Green Label


Evan Williams 1783 (8–10yrs) 4
Amazing value


Bulleit (4yrs) 4
High rye content classic


Tincup (4yrs) 4.8
From Colorado, one man’s rye vision


Elijah Craig (12yrs) 4.8
Sappy, rich, well aged


Woodford Reserve (4yrs) 4.8
Very smooth, very chic


Rittenhouse BIB (4yrs) 5
High rye, 50% abv, rich and dark


Four Roses Single Barrel (4yrs) 6
Smooth & caramel


Four Roses Small Batch 4.3
Sweet & spicy


Willet’s Pot Still Reserve (4yrs) 6.5
Damn fine whiskey!!